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Captain Beefhearts Magic Band

Another Anchor Coup!! captain Beefhearts Magic band on their farewell tour

Tickets £25 from The Anchor or Canterbury Rock. Also available at  http://www.reallylivemusic.com/magic-band-anchor-wingham

Captain Beefheart's wildly influential and seminal band. Their repertoire spans all the different periods of The Magic Band's history.
Last chance to see them.
Former Captain Beefheart musical director and drummer, John “Drumbo” French leads out the latest version of The Magic Band for one final tour of the British Isles. A faithful rendition of the best of Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band’s music is guaranteed
John French considers this line-up to be one of the most accomplished versions of The Magic Band ever.

The line-up who will be playing the final tour are:

John “Drumbo” French / Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Sax, Drums

Eric Klerks / Extended Ranch guitar, BKP Vocals

Max Kutner / Guitar and Slide guitar

Jonathan Sindelman / Keyboards

Andy Niven / Drums

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Captain Beefhearts Magic Band